Poisoned food, spiked drinks a major problem

In the sheena bora murder case, witnesses indicated that she was given spiked water which made her drowsy or feeling faint so that she could be strangled easily. This indicated a major problem for a large number of people which has been conveniently ignored in the mainstream media. In India if a person has powerful enemies who are putting the person under surveillance, it becomes very easy to poison the person or add dangerous substances in the food.

While toxic poisons are the extreme case, and the food provider could face legal action, increasingly webmasters and domain investors find that the food they eat especially in certain areas of the city, controlled by identity theft gangs, are containing dangerous substances . The person may get a headache, a stomach ache, or not be able to sleep for several days till the toxic substance is removed completely from the body.

So the domain investor who would earlier order food like biryani, pulao, pizzas regularly has become very careful while ordering food, avoiding eating out to the extent possible, as she knows that her powerful enemies will not lose an opportunity to poison or harm her. It is believed that indian intelligence agencies are using certain people as guinea pigs for testing their different food products, which can adversely affect the health of the victim.

This advice remains applicable to any other reasonably wealthy individual who knows that he or she has powerful enemies.While there are many websites like Foodpanda which offer home delivery of food conveniently, the risk of poisoned or tampered food remains, which no one has addressed.