Surveillance to harass restaurant owners

Domain investors are put under surveillance falsely claiming national security, when actually the security and intelligence agency officials especially CBI, NTRO wish to harass every person he or she is dealing with to cover up the alleged google, tata sponsored impersonation fraud on the domain investor. The latest incident of harassment of restaurant owners took place during a visit to a metro city. The domain investor ordered a masala dosa from a new restaurant in the area as she was hungry and there was not much to eat at home in the city she was visiting for a short period of time.
The next day, at around the same time in the evening she wanted to try food from other restaurants in the area, Chinese, Thai and others, on the same road, yet found all the restaurants closing their shutters. On most days these restaurants were open, however on Saturday 22 October 2016, she found that all restaurants were closed. As she had some other shopping, she also checked out the restaurant where she had eaten the previous day, and was surprised to find that some kind of raid was being conducted on the restaurant, all the stainless steel furniture was being taken out from the restaurant, either by FDA or some other agency carrying out inspection of restaurants and eating places.
The other restaurants in the area had got news of the raid being carried out in the area and had closed shop to avoid being raided also, having to pay a bribe to inspectors carrying out the raid. So because of the ntro, cbi harassment of the restaurant owners, domain investors, the domain investor could not order and eat any fresh food, had to eat fruit bread for dinner.
Can cbi, ntro explain how eating in a restaurant is a matter of national security that so many resources have to be wasted monitoring domain investors and harassing restaurant owners.