Reasonably priced restaurants have more customers

The number of customers in a restaurant depends to a large extent on the pricing. Families and individuals do not think twice before going to and ordering food from a restaurant, where a large number of dishes cost less than Rs 100, preferably Rs 50 or less
However an expensive restaurant with food costing more than Rs 100 per dish, is likely to get few visitors unless it is located in business district. For example a vegetarian restaurant was started nearly PWD office in St Inez, Panaji, and most of the dishes were expensive costing at least Rs 90, so it closed down. It has been replaced by a vegetarian south Indian restaurant, where the food is costing Rs 40 onwards, and though the restaurant started only on November 19, 2017, it is getting some customers daily
Another restaurant offering samosas and other food items for Rs 10 onwards continues to do a lot of business, with a large number of takeaway customers. So those interested in starting a restaurant should do some research on the profile of potential customers before placing an order as high volumes can compensate for lower revenues , and offer greater flexibility