Cut sleeves and visible underclothes

One of the latest fashion trends in 2018, are cut sleeves for women, especially women wearing tops and latest fashion clothes. In television serials and at the airport, there are many women who are spotted wearing clothes with cut sleeves which show their upper arm.
However these cut sleeves are also fairly loose.
When the cut sleeve clothes wearer will raise her arm, it is possible for almost everyone in the vicinity to see their underclothes.

Many of the women who were wearing these cut sleeve clothes were fairly conservative , however it appears that they did not realize that their underclothes were being exposed . For example in the flight to goa, a bespectacled woman was travelling with her husband and baby, and her underclothes were visible to everyone in the row behind .

If these women and their family members realized the fact, they may have thought twice before purchasing and wearing these clothes with cut sleeves