Mahila Self Help group doing good business at Panaji bus stand

During a visit to Patto plaza, it was observed that the Mahila Self Help Group of Karaswada, Mapusa is doing very good business at their shop in panaji bus stand
The self group is further associated with other groups, for example the laddus are made by one self help group(Deepjyot) and the garlic chutney are made by some other group (Ramdas Swami)
They have a large number of items available, and most are reasonably priced and also tasty.
They also have a large number of customers for their food products, which are getting sold out quickly.
Though people are willing to spend, it is difficult to find suppliers of similar items in Campal, St Inez areas.
This indicates a major opportunity which is available for those supplying quality food.
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