Surveillance will prove that housewife R&AW/cbi employees are mainly COOKING,cleaning, yet government refuses to end the fraud

Usually in all other democracies, the government does not steal the identity of experienced women engineers from the top engineering college in the country only in india, allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian government is openly involved in the identity theft of the goa 1989 jee topper and is falsely claiming that the wife of a tata power employee guruprasad, sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, call girl sunaina chodan, robber riddhi nayak caro and other frauds, who did not answer JEE have the resume, savings, skills, and work ethic of the single woman to pay at least 15 frauds a monthly government salary at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper.

Indicating the mindset of the indian leaders and officials they refuse to end the EDUCATIONAL FRAUD on the single woman engineer though the engineer is protesting for the last 7-8 years. This mindset is the reason why World economic forum ranks india 140th in gender parity index,after government policy of identity theft, financial fraud on single women engineers from top colleges was confirmed. The domain investor has been under surveillance since 2010,so that 15 google,tata sponsored call girl sunaina,siddhi, cheater,robber raw/cbi employees can get a monthly salary for making fake claims

Yet indicating the lack of honesty and humanity of government agencies they refuse to put the housewife and other raw/cbi employees under surveillance for even one weeek,to monitor what they are doing at home,blindly believe in their lies. For example surveillance will easily prove that nayanshree,riddhi,naina,deepika are all only cooking for their crooked husband especially in the morning, yet ntro,raw,cbi continue to make completely fake claims.

The domain investor is complaining because she does not have time for cooking due to the labor law violations,financial fraud of government agencies,and is often eating stale food or unhealthy food, while everyone else is enjoying at her expense