Hiring Cooks for cooking meals at home

Some people do not have the time or inclination to cook food for themselves. So they are hiring cooks for cooking food. In some cases, the cook is coming only once a day and cooks sufficient food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In other cases the cook comes twice or thrice a day to cook the meals, The family hiring these cooks who make multiple visits are usually charging more since the cook has to spend more time visiting the house and the family members get to eat fresh food for each meal.
While fewer families in small towns are hiring cooks, in metro cities, more families have cooks, since salaries are higher and often all family members are working. They often leave a house key with the cook, who is cooking food whenever the time is convenient.

Some cooks are charging Rs 5000 for cooking one meal

In metro cities cooks are usually charging Rs 5000 for one meal
The cook will usually cook one or two vegetables, make 10-15 chapatis or rotis
All the cooking material has to be supplied by the family hiring them
The cooking work is usually completed within one hour
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