Types of food poisoning

Food poisoning may be of the following two types: Non–bacterial and Bacterial. The non bacterial food poisoning is generally caused by chemicals such as arsenic or due to chemicals in sea food. There is a lot of contamination of food nowadays due to chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides etc. The Bacterial type of food poisoning is caused by the ingestion of foods contaminated by living bacteria or their toxins. There are some food poisoning signs which require immediate medical attention or may be hospitalization like stools containing blood or high fever.

One of the most common symptoms is cramps in the stomach. You might start to have nausea or vomiting tendencies. Feelings of nausea can be treated by limiting the victim’s diet to clear liquids and soups until the food poisoning event has passed. Some people might start to suffer from diarrhea for more than a couple of days. If diarrhea and vomiting continue for a long time, you could also experience weakness and fatigue. You are forced to vomit in order to remove the contaminated food items from your stomach. Though it is a good sign, it will cause dehydration later. Hence in order to sustain the fluid level in your body, you must keep drinking liquids often. It is recommended to intake glucose or oral rehydration salts. There could be signals popping up of dizziness, thirst, light-headedness.