Food poisoning attempts on domain investor to cover up the resume theft fraud

In the last 5 years, the powerful officials falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan sluts who offer them sex bribes obc bsc sunaina , siddhi , gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar , shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and others are Paypal account holders, domain investors to get these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW have been repeatedly trying to poison the food of the real domain investor and Paypal account holder, at almost every opportunity, to destroy her health.
The food poisoning attempt of nayanshree hathwar gang in 2013 was particularly vicious, resulted in vommiting while travelling. In the month August 2015 itself the crooked obc slut bsc sunaina’s gang was again involved in a vicious food poisoning attempt on the domain investor, webmaster in Porvorim, Goa causing insomnia. Clearly the surveillance is not for national security, it is to cause the maximum damage to the health and finances of the the obc engineer whose resume these fraud women falsely claim to have.

Both these lazy greedy cheater women allegedly promoted by google,tata, paypal falsely claim to own this website to justify all the lucrative job these mediocre frauds have been given, faking their resume.

Poisoned food, spiked drinks a major problem

In the sheena bora murder case, witnesses indicated that she was given spiked water which made her drowsy or feeling faint so that she could be strangled easily. This indicated a major problem for a large number of people which has been conveniently ignored in the mainstream media. In India if a person has powerful enemies who are putting the person under surveillance, it becomes very easy to poison the person or add dangerous substances in the food.

While toxic poisons are the extreme case, and the food provider could face legal action, increasingly webmasters and domain investors find that the food they eat especially in certain areas of the city, controlled by identity theft gangs, are containing dangerous substances . The person may get a headache, a stomach ache, or not be able to sleep for several days till the toxic substance is removed completely from the body.

So the domain investor who would earlier order food like biryani, pulao, pizzas regularly has become very careful while ordering food, avoiding eating out to the extent possible, as she knows that her powerful enemies will not lose an opportunity to poison or harm her. It is believed that indian intelligence agencies are using certain people as guinea pigs for testing their different food products, which can adversely affect the health of the victim.

This advice remains applicable to any other reasonably wealthy individual who knows that he or she has powerful enemies.While there are many websites like Foodpanda which offer home delivery of food conveniently, the risk of poisoned or tampered food remains, which no one has addressed.

Food truck engine diesel repair in Phoenix

Today most food that is eaten at home or in a restaurant will be produced usually thousands of miles away in a food processing factory or a farm. A century ago, the food would have got spoiled during transportation over long distance, as high tech food preservation techniques were not developed., today advances in technology have made it possible for food of all types to be transported long distances without getting damaged in any way, or affecting the quality and taste of the food.

diesel repair Phoenix

Perishable foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat are transported using high tech refrigerated trucks where the ambient temperature inside the truck will remain below the specified temperature to prevent decay of the food due to bacterial action. On the other hand processed food like cornflakes, noodles, soups, biscuits, cookies, soft drinks have a shelf life of several weeks or months. Hence relatively inexpensive standard trucks can be used for transporting the processed food from the food processing facility to the end customer.

The agency supplying the trucks for food transportation should ensure that the trucks will be well maintained to prevent breakdown while transporting the food products, as the contract will specify the date of delivery of the goods. This becomes especially important for trucks used for supplying perishable commodities like vegetables and fish , which will get decayed in case the truck transporting has a breakdown for even a day. A single breakdown of a vehicle can adversely affect the reputation of the transportation firm and make it extremely difficult to get new orders

Hence it is advisable for the truck fleet owner to hire the services of a reliable firm for maintenance and diesel repair Phoenix of the fleet of trucks. usually a transportation firm will have an annual contract with a garage for maintenance of their vehicles for a fixed rate per vehicle. One of the best criteria for determining whether the firm maintaining the trucks are reliable and provide good service is to check the track record of the business. A business which is several decades old will have a number of satisfied customers who are using their service repeatedly, allowing it to flourish for a long time.

While no generalization can be made about a new business, there is always a possibility that it will close down anytime, On the other hand, the established business will have worked hard to build a reputation of providing excellent service to their customers and will make an extra effort to provide good service. The business owner and the staff will have several years experience in maintenance of a wide variety of trucks including refrigerated models, and are familiar with the common problems faced in different terrains, weather conditions and loads.

This will ensure that they can take suitable action to prevent breakdown of truck, detecting any possible problem at the initial stage itself and taking corrective action. Repairing a minor problem will be inexpensive for the truck owner, instead of letting the problem aggravate. Not only will diesel repair Phoenix of a major fault like a engine failure be expensive, it will also take time to repair, as a result of which, the truck will not be available for transporting food or other products. Since a large capital investment has been made in the fleet of trucks, downtime of a few days can adversely affect the revenues and profit of the transportation company.

diesel repair Phoenix

There a large number of different models of trucks with diesel engines which are used by the different transportation companies, and each of these trucks and engines have a different design,so maintenance and troubleshooting methods differ. An established garage and automotive repair firm like Champs Family Automotive will have a number of technicians who are trained and familiar with the diesel engines of different capacities, brands and design who will provide the best diesel repair Phoenix possible. For professional diesel repair services in Phoenix Arizona by certified technicians, the truck owner should contact Champs Family Automotive, they will take care of the rest.

Please note bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hatwhar, goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and others are not associated with website in any way though top officials in the indian internet sector are making false claims, If anyone from NTRO, R&AW or CBI can stop these powerful fraud officials from defaming the real webmaster,making false claims, it will be appreciated