Differences in carrot prices

It appears that there are major differences in prices of vegetables in India. For example in Goa, in the retail prices at the horticultural outlet the price of 1 kg carrot was listed at Rs 28 from media report, for Godrej Natures basket , 1 kg of carrots were priced at Rs 50, yet at a retail outlet in Goa, the seller was charging Rs 20 for 250 g, and took Rs 80 for 1 kg from a customer. The customer under surveillance and sophisticated mind reading, surveillance equipment is being used on her by corrupt incompetent intelligence agency officials giving fake excuses of national security, after making false allegations without proof.

These officials are then able to predict which vendor she will visit, and demand a bribe from the vendor or abuse their powers to harass the vendor. So the vendor is forced to charge a much higher rate from the customer, like the carrot prices, to pay the bribe to the official who is already getting a very good salary from the government,pension, while the customer has to pay a lot of expenses to make money online

It time that NTRO, R&AW,CBI review whether the bribes demands of lazy greedy officials with fake resumes are a matter of national security or the personal greed of these officials, and whether the wastage of tax payer money, so that these greedy officials can demand bribes will be justified,

Does any other domain investor in India, especially LLLL.com and lll.in domain investor find that they are being forced to pay extremely inflated prices for whatever product or service they want. If yes, please share your experience at info@webconcepts.in