Futility of banning meat

In the last few months, the newspapers have been reporting that the government has banned meat consumption by people, However it can be difficult to implement the ban, they can only take action against butchers and those who sell meat commercially. If a person is keeping chicken, cattle at home and slaughtering them for his family and friends, how will the government officials know that the person, his family and friends are eating meat, violating the meat ban.
Additionally the media has reported that farmers, especially in Goa, are finding that their crop is being eaten by deer, bison, monkeys and other animals, so the farmers are laying traps for these animals, so that their crop will not be destroyed. Do the officials monitor how many animals have been trapped, killed and eaten by the farmers trying to protect their crop. The farmers are complaining that they have almost nothing left after the animals have eaten their crop.
Bison, deer, frog meat is considered a delicacy in some homes.
Instead of wasting tax payer money on declaring a ban which cannot be implemented, it would be best not to interfere in the personal life including food habits of indian citizens.

Maggi noodles ban lifted

As expected the ban on noodles was lifted after a few months, not before it got extensive coverage in the media . While some people who were regular maggi consumers will have changed their diet forever, others will revert to eating the noodles again. Most of the ready to eat alternatives in the market remain expensive and unaffordable for most Indian customers. While some of these food product manufacturers may have increased their market share, the real loss was to the companies, individuals involved in the manufacturing and marketing of these noodles.
In Goa a large number of people who were employed with Nestle on contract basis were laid off, and Nestle India reported a loss of several crores of rupees, after the Maggi noodle ban.
Additionally they had to spend money to get rid of the noodle stock.
Only some small change in the formula for making Maggi noodles was required, yet a huge loss was incurred

How to avoid food poisoning

After being a victim of numerous food poisoning attempts by these well connected lazy greedy fraud women, the harmless innocent single woman engineer and paypal account holder has devised certain tips to avoid food poisoning by these crooked powerful cruel fraud women and their associates. the Paypal account holder is at a great disadvantage as these officials can waste infinite indian tax payer money to put her under surveillance.
– Avoid eating out to the extent possible, cook food at home only
– if eating out, purchase precooked food, which has already been prepared in bulk, like biryani and ensure that it is packed in front of your eyes.
– grow vegetables,herbs for daily use at home to the extent possible to minimize cost and effort in shopping. there is little information available, however trial and error can be used to find suitable plants.
– choose the vegetables and other ingredient purchased yourself, do not allow the vendor to select and pack the foodstuff, especially if purchasing from the same vendor.
– change your shopping routine often, to be unpredictable.