Government agencies only acknowledge the time spent by women COOKING, cleaning, refuse to acknowledge women doing computer work

Indicating the worsening status of educated skilled women professionals in india, the government agencies are only acknowledging the time spent by women COOKING, cleaning at home, it refuses to acknowledge the time spent by women, especially older singlewomen doing computer work at home to commit FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations since 2010
Customers outside india are not sending money to indian citizens without getting any product or service, for which the woman doing work has to spend many hours daily in front of the computer.
The housewives and other raw/cbi employees are not spending any time sitting in front of the computer, doing the computer work, they are cooking meals for their husband, family yet indicating the mindset of government agencies, they shamelessly and falsely claim to own the paypal,bank account of a private citizen, single woman

The website network is full of complaints,because the indian government agencies refuse to acknowledge that housewife raw/cbi employees are only cooking,cleaning for their crooked husband,they are not doing any computer work while criminally defaming the single woman doing computer work