Empty Kababiya, kolhapur restaurant container dumped in google competitors compound by kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina

Instead of being honest that they are hiring women only for having extra marital affairs with top government employees like gujju fraud ntro employee parmar, raw/cbi are involved in a major financial fraud, falsely claiming that the kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh,mother of two sons, who has not spent any money at all on domain names, are domain investors, owning the websites of a google competitor who the fraud parmar hates.
Since the indian government is wasting taxpayer money paying a salary to the gujju housewife naina for her extramarital affair, she and her family has plenty of money. They are travelling to kolhapur frequently, and it appears that they are eating out or ordering from kababiya , a restaurant in kolhapur which supplies kababs and biryani. the gujju housewife takes great pride in keeping her house immaculately clean, so that the fraud security , intelligence agencies, her lover parmar, can then abuse his powers and make fake claims about domain ownership including this one, so that the kolhapur born school dropout naina, living in panaji, can get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor

However the school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who the indian and goan government worship has no civic sense at all. She allegedly dumps empty containers of food from kababiya and other restaurants in the house of the google competitor in a clear case of littering. This exposes her hypocrisy, she is so careful about keeping her house clean, yet she is dirtying other people’s house