Small restaurants in Panaji closed, allegedly due to FDA

Near PWD, St Inez, panaji, goa, there are a few restaurants which offer reasonably quality food, at fairly affordable prices compared to other restaurants. For example one of these restaurants was offering samosas for Rs 10 which most people can afford, and it had a large number of customers.

One of these restaurants is very popular because it opens very early in the morning by goa standards, it is open at 6-6.30 am daily and remains open throughout the day till 9 pm or even later since longer timings means more customers. It is open on all days of the week since many people of all backgrounds purchase their affordable food which is fairly hygienic, since no food poisoning is usually experienced.

However on 3 November 2018, both the restaurants near PWD were closed due to unknown reasons. One possible reason could be that FDA is inspecting the restaurant, and they have put restrictions or are demanding bribes , so the restaurant owners may have decided to keep the restaurant closed till the matter is resolved.