Preventing food poisoning

Families and cooks should prevent the growth of food poisoning bacteria by ensuring that all food stored in the refrigerator is covered and adequately refrigerated. You must always wash your hands after visiting the lavatory. You also must make sure that deep frozen food is thawed before cooking. Ensure that red kidney beans are always cooked for the recommended time to remove the toxin that is present in the raw beans.

You should as a rule, avoid eating raw eggs or half cooked food. You should wash your hands after handling raw meat or eggs, particularly before handling other foods and should not allow juices from raw meat to come into contact with other foods. During the summer, food items can easily be contaminated by bacteria because of boiling temperature. Hence, it is always advised to store your food properly in refrigerator.

Possibly the most effective home remedy for food poisoning is prevention. You must always keep foods protected from insects and exposure to chemicals. You should never use the same cutting board for raw and cooked foods and certainly make sure meats are cooked thoroughly before serving.