Resolving conflicts over meals

Differences of opinion between people in business and personal life are to be expected, yet the magnitude of the differences and how these differences are resolved will affect the relationship between the individuals and also if the business deal will be finalized. While every person will want the best deal for himself or herself and the company they are working for, they should also consider whether he or she is being fair in having great expectations from another person. If one person in a relationship or business deal feels exploited, the person being exploited will try to get out of the unfair deal at the earliest.

conflict resolution training

When the balance of power favors a particular person or company they will try to ignore or suppress the legitimate complaint of the person or company who they are exploiting. They will spread false rumors defaming the person they have exploited to justify the cheating and atrocities on their victim so that the victim will not get any help. In other cases, the exploiter will ignore the complaint of the victim, and hope that the victim will give up and accept the unfair deal. However this will affect the long term relationship and image of the company , so it is advisable to use conflict resolution training and resolve the matter at the earliest.

Many of the differences in business practices arise because of the changing value systems of people, especially younger people who are materialistic and want to become rich overnight without working for it. For example a young well connected woman like the goan siddhi mandrekar may commit corporate espionage on her employer at the first opportunity, while at the same time claiming to work extra time. Though some companies may reward young frauds like siddhi for corporate espionage, this kind of behaviour cannot be sustained for long as it will adversely affect the company culture and trust between employees.

conflict resolution training

Often people have no qualms exploiting a person who they think will be vulnerable and cannot fight back. For example the brahmin fraud well connected naynashree hathwar cheated a single woman engineer who made the mistake of trusting her of a large amount of money. Though like siddhi, she was being rewarded for cheating, her value systems may not match with those of an organization which values integrity and ethics. If employees are rewarded with important positions because they are well connected , at a later stage it may result in the need for conflict resolution training due to the differences in value systems between these employees and others who have got their job on the basis of merit.

Often a conflict will be caused because one person will be blinded by his prejudice or hatred of the other person and may not be willing to give the other a fair deal. The conflict resolution training will teach executives, managers and leaders the importance of understanding the reason for the conflict and also realize the long term implications of leaving the conflict unresolved. For example a person who has been cheated has the right to expose the fraud, and it can adversely affect the brand image and future prospects of the company and the employee who has caused the problem.

When a person is young he or she has little experience of the world as most young people have led a relatively sheltered life. Ambitious and greedy young women often have no qualms in manipulating older men who are infatuated with them, sleeping with them, to become rich and powerful overnight, often at the expense of a more deserving person. This will naturally create a conflict between the person who was exploited and the young selfish opportunist, who may ignore the adverse effect of her action initially. However the lazy greedy young women will soon realize that the short cut to success which they have taken was not the best decision, especially if the exploited victim can reach out to a large number of people .

conflict resolution training

When an experienced person like Sylvia Lafair provides conflict resolution training , she will teach them to analyze the conflict in a professional manner without allowing personal prejudices and gain affect the judgement. The different aspects of the conflict will be analyzed in great detail to find out who was at fault. Different solutions to the problem will be discussed, to find out which one would be most acceptable. Other methods to resolve the dispute between two people like going out for a meal or inviting them a meal with the family will help both people to relax so that they are more flexible in reaching a solution to end the conflict

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