Money for food, no one interested in books

In an indication of the priorities of middle class india today in 2015, a domain investor observed that people were having plenty of money to spend on food, while no one seemed interested in purchasing books. At a popular restaurant in Panaji, Goa with lunch on an average costing Rs 225 per person, there were so many customers waiting, that it was difficult to get a table during lunchtime.
In another Chinese restaurant with a buffet priced at around Rs 500 per person, there seemed to be no shortage of customers again, who were ordering beer and expensive drinks additionally.
However in the same city a bookstore was having a sale of books, with prices as low as Rs 5 for English books. However in nearly 3 hours, the bookshop seemed to have only 1 customer indicating that people are least interested in purchasing the books, while they seem to have plenty of money for eating food. To write well, people should also be well read, however in 2015, in India the reading habit seems to be dying a slow death due to the warped priorities of indian intelligence agencies who falsely claim that mediocre semi literate brahmin frauds, goan sex bribe givers are excellent writers .
people are interested in learning English only for passing exams , no one is interested in the language or for getting more information. So people interested in a profitable business options, should definitely consider restaurants or similar food related services.