Bread, chappati

In most indian households in northern india, chappati are widely consumed, especially if the wife is at home and has servants to help in the kitchen.

However making the chappati can be time consuming and messy so some people, especially those who are busy prefer to purchase bread. The most popular sliced bread available locally is white bread, which is cheap, however it is not considered to be good for health as it contains ingredients which are not good for health. Doctors advise elderly or health conscious people to eat brown bread.
There are a wide variety of brown breads or whole wheat breads which are available in the market with different prices. The cheapest brown or whole wheat bread appears to have some maida in it, (exact percentage) not known, while the most expensive whole wheat or brown bread has no maida in it according to label, though it is costlier by Rs 10.

Most of the brown breads available in the market are available in packaging of 300 g .