Eating at the workplace

For people working at home, one of the greatest advantages of going to office is that eating at the workplace is usually highly regulated. Usually most employees are only allowed to have breakfast, lunch and a tea break in the morning, evening session . So employees will not snack and lose weight quickly, especially if the company does not provide high calorie meals. Eating at the workplace can dirty the working area, and damage the expensive equipment or papers.

However it appears that some organizations allow their employees to eat meals or have snacks at the workplace. On 9 May 2016, at a library in panaji, goa at around 3.30 pm , a librarian was observed eating a light brown icecream cone . The librarian is in her thirties or forties as she has a son who is more 8 years old, yet she was eating the ice cream cone. It may be possible that she purchased the icecream cone for her son, and was eating it because her son did not like it, or she purchased icecreams for herself and her son , who often comes to the library or for organized stalking.

The library is a non profit and they are fairly liberal with their employees. However it is generally not advisable to eat at the workplace for most professional companies , as visitors to the office will get the impression that the place is not professionally managed, especially for customers who are placing large orders and notice everything.