Restaurant design and food pricing

The cost of a meat at restaurant depends to a large extent on the decor and ambience, with prices higher at a high end restaurant like Leo’s Oyster bar.

Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco is the latest restaurant from the renowned Big Night Restaurant Group promoted by Anna Weinberg, James Nicholas, and Jennifer Puccio and specializes in seafood. In addition to food, the ambiance of a restaurant is a very important consideration while selecting a particular restaurant for an special meal with friends or business associates. The restaurant which has been designed by interior designer Ken Fulk along with Jon de la Cruz , specializes in formal dining . The ambiance and decor of Leo’s Oyster Bar is reminiscent of a bygone era, a combination of a style of 60 years ago, combining the west coast 1950’s Beverly Hills Glitz with that of a Manhattan club.

To create a bright and colorful atmosphere, the interior designers have used a botanical wallpaper on the walls of the restaurant with flowers and leaves. Flower vases filled with brightly colored flowers and live plants add a touch of greenery and nature to the high-end restaurant. Brass light fixtures are used to add a vintage touch to the restaurant.Rattan furnishings, are used extensively to add to the tropical island theme of the restaurant, as Executive chef Jennifer Puccio serves a wide variety of seafood products like New England lobster roll, ahi tuna carpaccio.

The restaurant includes Hideaway, a dimly lit lounge area and courtyard, which lies some distance away from the kitchen. The lounge area has black and white terracotta tiles like the rest of the restaurant and is designed as a place to relax after a hard day at work. Champagne and bowls of punch are among the many drinks and beverages served at the pink onyx bar, which is illuminated by seashell sconces to add to the tropical ambiance. The lounge and courtyard area is lined by metallic leather banquettes, allowing guests to be seated comfortably, while relaxing and chatting over a drink.