If milk is spoiled or not available, ice cream is a good alternative source of milk

Due to power fluctuations in panaji, goa the refrigerator is getting spoiled very quickly, despite installing a stabilizer
As a result, the milk stored in the refrigerator is also getting spoiled every 3 days
Milk is not cheap, each milk packet of 500 ml costs Rs 21 in panaji, goa and the money is wasted if the milk packet is spoiled.
Drinking milk helps a person get good sleep at night.
So if a regular milk drinker wishes to consume at least some milk, after the milk in the refrigerator has got spoiled, one of the better alternatives is icecream.
Icecream cones are available for Rs 10 to Rs 20, and can help a person who requires milk daily, get his or her quota of milk, when there is no milk heating or storing provisions