How to make bubble tea

The ingredients for the bubble tea include tea bags of green, oolong or other high quality tea, water, tapioca pearls(boba), sugar. The tapioca pearls do not have any flavor, and are available in stores selling asian products. A saucepan and cup is required for making the tea. For quarter cup of boba, two cups of water are required. The boba and water are heated in the saucepan. Initially the boba will float in the water, however after being heated for 12 to 15 minutes the boba will become soft. Sugar syrup for covering the boba can be made by adding sugar to water and heating it till all the sugar is dissolved.

After the boba has cooled they should be covered with the sugar syrup. They should be kept aside for some time till they absorb the sugar syrup. Tea can be prepared separately by boiling one cup of water. If a strong cup of tea is required, two tea bags should be dipped in the hot water to make tea, else only one tea bag is enough. The tea bag should be soaked in the boiled water for fifteen minutes. The tea should then be poured in a large glass. The boba should be added to the tea which is prepared. It is advisable to use the boba or the same day they are prepared,else they will become crunchy after some time.

The tea should be first poured into a tall glass and then the boba added to the tea. If a creamy tea is required, milk should be added, if a fruity flavor is required, fruit juice can be added to the tea. In other cases, only some additional water will be sufficient. Icecubes can be added to make chilled boba tea

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