Self help groups do not market food products well

At many exhibitions, there are a number of self help groups, usually women, selling a variety of products, however they do not market their product well to reach the target audience. In many cities, there are a number of working people who are too busy to cook their own food and will pay for tasty, well cooked, healthy food.
However they find it difficult to find a supplier of affordable and nutritious foods, in most posh areas there are almost no stores, except supermarkets where cctv cameras are misused to frame innocent harmless people.
The retailers will stock only limited food products and no effort will be made to inform the walk in customers about the availability of the food produced by the self help group.
For example the nurseries and playschools are aggressively brand building, putting their boards on all the houses in the city, though only few families have young children. On the other hand, almost all working people will want to purchase affordable food, especially in small towns, yet there is almost no information available online or offline.
At an exhibition, a visitor will find a large number of self help groups selling a wide variety of food products, however there is a limit on how much food a single person or family can purchase during a single visit to the trade fair.

Marketing the food products of self help groups could be extremely lucrative for the right person or organization