Airline meals and food

In India only AirIndia and Jet airways free food to customers among the airlines with a national network, for budget airlines, the customers have to pay for the food. During a recent check of the food offered by budget airlines in india, there appears to be significant differences in the variety, pricing and quality of the inflight food.

Spicejet offers a wide variety of food to customers who take their flight – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. These meals are available only during a specific time of the day. For example on a flight passengers were heard requesting for parathas or idlis and were told that these were available only during breakfast, during a short flight in the evening only snacks were available. The payment was collected after the customer had the meal or snack.

Indigo also offers food to customers during their flight, which they book at the time of booking a ticket or request during the flight. For a Mumbai Goa flight, their food menu was relatively limited, it could be because the flight is relatively a short journey. The prices seem to relatively lower, as Indigo has one of the largest fleets in India and operates a large number of flights, leading to economies of scale. Their staff was extremely particular about collecting payment for the snacks and food ordered.

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