The Ultimate Sheepskin Rug For Comfort And Luxury

Everything You Need to Know about Sheepskin Rugs

That Persian rug you have been eyeing looks good but have you ever thought about getting a sheepskin rug instead. These rugs have a myriad of benefits over other rugs, and even doctors would recommend them for your home and nursery. They have multiple uses that go beyond laying them on the floor, but you also need to know how to pick the right quality. This article enlightens you on the benefits and uses of sheepskin rugs, while also helping you know what to look out for when you go shopping for one.

Benefits of a Sheepskin Rug

Body Heat Regulation

When your skin is in contact with the rug, your body will maintain a steady temperature. During summer, sheepskin rugs will absorb the sweat which evaporates into the air seven times quicker than when you are sleeping on synthetic materials. As a result, your body gets colder faster. During winter, the rugs help to keep you warm.

This heat regulation feature is handy for adults whether the rug is used on the floor or a chair because it helps to keep the blood circulation at optimum. For children, especially those born premature or with low birth weight, it is instrumental too because the bodies have not started regulating the temperature yet.

Offer Comfort

The soft and plush textures provide comfort to people of all ages. The smooth outer layer of wool offers no resistance to the skin. Since sheepskin distributes pressure and relieves pressure points, rugs made from it can help in treating and preventing bedsores. Besides, the rug’s moisture-wicking property enhances its ability to reduce infections.

Improved Sleep Quality

The comfort also improves sleep quality because of its temperature regulating attribute, especially during winter. For babies, a sheepskin rug has a soothing and swaddling effect that results in reduced stress, weight gain and better sleep.

Deters Allergies

Rugs made from sheepskin have the advantage of being both natural and hypoallergenic. As a result, you do not have to worry about your baby developing skin allergies when they lie on them. Besides, the rugs wick away moisture which consequently ensures that no bacteria can thrive on them. Mould can trigger allergies, and since it usually grows on damp surfaces, the rug helps to keep your family healthy.


Sheepskin is very durable; it can last a lifetime if well-cared for because it can handle multiple washes. However, you should note that once the rugs have served you for 15 years and more, frequently washing will cause disintegration. The leather fibres by then have already deteriorated.

Also about durability, a sheepskin rug is stain resistant making it the ideal addition to a room for an older adult or baby since it cannot stain from urine. Wool has a natural coating of lanolin that prevent soils from penetrating the wool; thus cleaning the stains is no headache. Additionally, it is flame resistant.

Uses of Sheepskin Rug

As Blankets/ Throws

When it is cold, and you cannot get enough warmth from a regular shawl, a double sheepskin rug is long enough to act as a throw. The rugs will offer you enough warmth without making it too uncomfortable due to their moisture-wicking property if you start sweating.

Add Comfort to Uncomfortable Chairs

If there is a chair that everyone keeps avoiding because it is too uncomfortable, turn it to everyone’s favourite by covering it with a sheepskin rug. The softness will have people fighting over it in no time.

As an Underlay

Winter can have you searching for hot water bottles to keep you warm, but using a rug as an underlay can make a huge difference to your body temperature. The natural fibres, even when placed under the sheets, are safe for both you and your kids.

Transform Your Space

You do not need to go overboard trying to transform your living space with expensive d├ęcor. Covering your bed with a sheepskin rug or laying it on the floor will give you that look you have been seeking. The rugs also come in different colours so when you want a dash of colour in an otherwise dull room, a rug is the way to go.

Runner in Hallway

If your home has narrow hallways and you do not want to change the colour on the walls, you can opt for a sheepskin rug. Ensure that you leave about 3 inches on each side when you lay it down, and you will be surprised at how the hallway suddenly seems wider. A double sheepskin rug is perfect for a long hallway.

Create Stunning Photo Back-Drop

When you notice that your picture has not been getting as many likes as you would like, maybe changing the backdrop can attract attention. A sheepskin rug is especially great in close-up photo-shoots for babies where they look like they are floating on clouds.

What to Consider When Buying A Quality Sheepskin Rug

Size and Wool Density

The larger the size of the rug, the more premium its quality likely is. Usually, those lower quality are between 80-90 cm in length while high-quality ones are from 97 cm. The length of the fibre should be at least 65mm for a premium rug; the fibres should also have high density.


A high-quality rug should have leather that is soft, full and supple. It should, however, not be too soft that it wrinkles easily nor too smooth to slide on the floor. The wool should feel soft to the touch.


Lower quality rugs are subject to tanning processes with chemicals that will leave the leather with an unnatural smell. High-quality rugs, on the other hand, are free of such smells.


No sheepskin rug will look exactly like another if it has not been dyed because they usually come in different tones of ivory. Of course, that means you will be the proud owner of a unique product. The ivory tone should also not show any signs of discolouration. Click here for more information.

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