Catering services description

The success of any event depends to a large extent on the Event Catering Company, their ability to provide delicious food for all those attending the event quickly and efficiently. One of the most reputed businesses providing catering for events in Hampshire is XXXX. The business owners have many years experience in catering. The business was formally set up in 2015, and was extremely successful in the year 2018, catering to a large number of customers. They also have a busy diary for the year 2019 and are already booked for a number of events in the year.

XXXXX is based in Portsmouth and offers catering for different occassions like Charities and Fundraising, Corporate events, Birthdays, celebrations, Yatch catering,Wedding Catering, for dances and other events. Delicious food can greatly help increase the donations for a fundraising event. For all these events the team from the XXXX will arrive at the event venue, and prepare the food which is to be served in a few hours. They cook their food entirely on charcoal, so they can provide tasty food at remote locations even when a electricity connection, which is required by most catering companies is not available.

Weddings are the most important event in the life of the most individuals, and organizing a wedding can be very stressful since a large number of arrangements have to be made. Increasingly people are opting to hold their wedding in rural areas, where many of the facilities required for cooking and food are not available. However the XXXX has a mobile catering unit, which can easily travel to the location of the wedding, cook and supply the food required for those attending the wedding. They also are providing food at any outdoor location where the wedding is being held like beaches, forests.

The catering firm can provide a wide variety of meats cooked on the BBQ as requested by the event organizers. The dishes they provide include burgers, sausages or any other dish which is required based on the recipe provided. They cater to all clients, and provide food for small as well as large events. For highest quality and best taste, only local suppliers and local produce is used for making the meals supplied for the event. They ensure that they comply to the food safety and hygiene standards, and have the required certification from the local regulatory body.

Great Indian restaurant festival model look alike of india’s greatest domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel

Great Indian restaurant festival by Dineout is advertising extensively and features many of the top restaurants like
boca loca
pizza hut
copper leaf
baba aur rhum
hika mizu
o coqueiro
hika mizu- asian beach bistro
Great Indian restaurant festival model look alike of india’s greatest domain fraudster R&AW employee asmita patel

Times of india again featured a look alike of india’s greatest domain fraudster ever, google, tata sponsored lazy greedy shameless thane fraud asmita patel on its first page on February 7, 2019, who has never invested a single penny on domain names in her life, yet gets a monthly raw salary because ntro, india fraud technical intelligence agency falsely claims that the greedy shameless cheater from thane, with no online invextment owns the domains which are legally owned by the google competitor, a single woman engineer

R&AW,ntro, cbi, security agencies are blindly repeating the complete lies of the shameless LIAR FRAUD brahmin mhow cheater ntro employee puneet,director of domlur, bengaluru company who falsely claimed to know the google competitor, engineer, real domain investor , his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hated very well, only to steal everything from her like her resume, savings, memory correspondence and get his real girlfriends like thane fraudster asmita patel,nayanshree hathwar, siddhi, sunaina and others raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of the engineer.

The engineer and domain investor, can legally prove that the fraud ntro employee puneet had never communicated with her in the last 25 years, and even in college, the guitar playing vrushali from pune was the girlfriend of the ruthless mhow cheater puneet. In fact vrushali from pune is very similar to thane domain fraudster asmita patel in appearance and build, both have straightened hair, are very sweet talkers, charming.

So before suryavanshi, nia, police falsely accuse the domain investor, engineer of defamation of intelligence agencies, can they explain, why raw, cbi, ntro are defaming her in the first place, falsely claiming that asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own her domains to pay all these frauds a monthly government salary at her expense.

legally valid proof that R&AW, cbi, ntro, indian security agency, google, tata employees are liars and frauds if any raw/cbi employees was actually owning this or other domains,would these disclaimers, fraud alerts be posted on the websites which these fraud government employees falsely claim to own to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, who is broke

How to make bubble tea

The ingredients for the bubble tea include tea bags of green, oolong or other high quality tea, water, tapioca pearls(boba), sugar. The tapioca pearls do not have any flavor, and are available in stores selling asian products. A saucepan and cup is required for making the tea. For quarter cup of boba, two cups of water are required. The boba and water are heated in the saucepan. Initially the boba will float in the water, however after being heated for 12 to 15 minutes the boba will become soft. Sugar syrup for covering the boba can be made by adding sugar to water and heating it till all the sugar is dissolved.

After the boba has cooled they should be covered with the sugar syrup. They should be kept aside for some time till they absorb the sugar syrup. Tea can be prepared separately by boiling one cup of water. If a strong cup of tea is required, two tea bags should be dipped in the hot water to make tea, else only one tea bag is enough. The tea bag should be soaked in the boiled water for fifteen minutes. The tea should then be poured in a large glass. The boba should be added to the tea which is prepared. It is advisable to use the boba or the same day they are prepared,else they will become crunchy after some time.

The tea should be first poured into a tall glass and then the boba added to the tea. If a creamy tea is required, milk should be added, if a fruity flavor is required, fruit juice can be added to the tea. In other cases, only some additional water will be sufficient. Icecubes can be added to make chilled boba tea

Please note that R&AW/cbi employees like naina, riddhi caro are not associated with this website

Russian restaurants in Morjim targetted by FDA , shut down

This blog network has exposed how CIA controls some of the most powerful officials in goa like caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodankar, having got their lazy greedy mediocre inexperienced relatives lucrative raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity of a google competitor, single woman engineer.
It appears that now that CIA has largely destroyed the life of the single woman engineer after stealing her identity , it is focussing its effort on the many Russians in goa and there is negative news on the Russians almost everyday in the goan newspapers

A few days ago, the goan newspapers reported that Food and Drug Administration had shut down 4 Russian managed restaurants in Morjim in North Goa, claiming that they did not have the relevant licensing and were not serving food, which was suitable for human consumption
The Russian restaurants which were shut down were
– Bora Bora
– Soma project
– Fish
– Marabela beach club

During winter, temperatures in many parts of Russia are very low, so many russian tourists are coming to goa to escape the cold, and Morjim was a popular place for the russians. However it appears that the Russians realized the CIA influence, and reduced their charters to goa in october and november 2018 to some extent, and the harassment of russians continues

Small restaurants in Panaji closed, allegedly due to FDA

Near PWD, St Inez, panaji, goa, there are a few restaurants which offer reasonably quality food, at fairly affordable prices compared to other restaurants. For example one of these restaurants was offering samosas for Rs 10 which most people can afford, and it had a large number of customers.

One of these restaurants is very popular because it opens very early in the morning by goa standards, it is open at 6-6.30 am daily and remains open throughout the day till 9 pm or even later since longer timings means more customers. It is open on all days of the week since many people of all backgrounds purchase their affordable food which is fairly hygienic, since no food poisoning is usually experienced.

However on 3 November 2018, both the restaurants near PWD were closed due to unknown reasons. One possible reason could be that FDA is inspecting the restaurant, and they have put restrictions or are demanding bribes , so the restaurant owners may have decided to keep the restaurant closed till the matter is resolved.

Eating in restaurants remains risky

Though eating out is very fashionable, it remains risky, because the person eating out, has almost no control over what he or she is eating.
The risk is greatest when the meal is specially cooked for the person eating out, as the restaurant cook and staff can put whatever ingredient they wish, which can cause health problems later.

In case of fast food restaurants, where the items like samosas are already cooked, the risk of food poisoning is far lower, because the waiters or sellers are just puttting the precooked samosas in the paper bag and handing it over to the customer
For example when the domain investor, found that at one restaurant, soda was added to the food she ate, and her stomach felt bloated
She could not sleep for 3-4 hours after eating the food, till the effect of the ingredients added reduced.

So while travelling, if a good sleep at night is important, it is advisable to eat some packaged food items like sweet bread, bread and breadspread, fruits. instead of taking the risk of eating at a restaurant whose quality of food is not guaranteed and having a sleepless night.

Empty Kababiya, kolhapur restaurant container dumped in google competitors compound by kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina

Instead of being honest that they are hiring women only for having extra marital affairs with top government employees like gujju fraud ntro employee parmar, raw/cbi are involved in a major financial fraud, falsely claiming that the kolhapur born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh,mother of two sons, who has not spent any money at all on domain names, are domain investors, owning the websites of a google competitor who the fraud parmar hates.
Since the indian government is wasting taxpayer money paying a salary to the gujju housewife naina for her extramarital affair, she and her family has plenty of money. They are travelling to kolhapur frequently, and it appears that they are eating out or ordering from kababiya , a restaurant in kolhapur which supplies kababs and biryani. the gujju housewife takes great pride in keeping her house immaculately clean, so that the fraud security , intelligence agencies, her lover parmar, can then abuse his powers and make fake claims about domain ownership including this one, so that the kolhapur born school dropout naina, living in panaji, can get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor

However the school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who the indian and goan government worship has no civic sense at all. She allegedly dumps empty containers of food from kababiya and other restaurants in the house of the google competitor in a clear case of littering. This exposes her hypocrisy, she is so careful about keeping her house clean, yet she is dirtying other people’s house

If milk is spoiled or not available, ice cream is a good alternative source of milk

Due to power fluctuations in panaji, goa the refrigerator is getting spoiled very quickly, despite installing a stabilizer
As a result, the milk stored in the refrigerator is also getting spoiled every 3 days
Milk is not cheap, each milk packet of 500 ml costs Rs 21 in panaji, goa and the money is wasted if the milk packet is spoiled.
Drinking milk helps a person get good sleep at night.
So if a regular milk drinker wishes to consume at least some milk, after the milk in the refrigerator has got spoiled, one of the better alternatives is icecream.
Icecream cones are available for Rs 10 to Rs 20, and can help a person who requires milk daily, get his or her quota of milk, when there is no milk heating or storing provisions

Cut sleeves and visible underclothes

One of the latest fashion trends in 2018, are cut sleeves for women, especially women wearing tops and latest fashion clothes. In television serials and at the airport, there are many women who are spotted wearing clothes with cut sleeves which show their upper arm.
However these cut sleeves are also fairly loose.
When the cut sleeve clothes wearer will raise her arm, it is possible for almost everyone in the vicinity to see their underclothes.

Many of the women who were wearing these cut sleeve clothes were fairly conservative , however it appears that they did not realize that their underclothes were being exposed . For example in the flight to goa, a bespectacled woman was travelling with her husband and baby, and her underclothes were visible to everyone in the row behind .

If these women and their family members realized the fact, they may have thought twice before purchasing and wearing these clothes with cut sleeves

Eating related website deindexed as part of website ownership fraud

Companies in the it and internet sector in India are extremely unethical and are openly involved in intellectual property theft, sex, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud with the help of ntro employees like j srinivasan who have the morals of a whore falsely claiming that google,tata supplied lazy greedy frauds, goan prostitutes like slim goan bhandari R&AW employee prostitute sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc, a flat chested version of actress mallika sherawat, who offers sex services to government employees, and done no work online, does not spend any money online, is owning the websites where the news of her fraud, sex bribes are posted

The real domain investor finds it very difficult to make any money online, as the vvip goan prostitutes are very good at motivating the ntro employees they are having sex with, to block all the payment, leads and orders of the real domain investor, whose identity has been stolen by the 10 google,tata sponsored goan prostitute, cheater housewife and other fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, domain ownership. So she is forced to develop some of the domains she had purchased earlier

The officials are justifying their identity theft racket making fake allegations of black money, forgetting the fact that every person has to spend some money on food, including the victim of google,tata’s prostitution racket, intellectual property theft , identity theft, banking fraud. So a review and listing with prices of food items, including food, however google,tata’s favorite goan bhandari panaji prostitute the lazy greedy R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan is least interested in eating food, because her extremely powerful sugar daddy mhow cheater puneet only likes very slim and good looking women,

The liar puneet falsely claims that being slim is an indication of fitness, and a slim woman can falsely claim to own the domains of another woman, without paying the market price. Though he knows that sunaina is not spending any money on domain expenses, the fraud puneet continues to make fake claims to pamper his favorite goan sex worker sunaina, defame, cheat and exploit the domain investor, google competitor, who actually owns the website, pays the expenses,

The fraud google,tata, ntro, goan government employees like pritesh chodankar have pampered google,tata’s favorite lazy greedy goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina chodan, that she is not interested in doing any kind of work at all, she is used to getting everything on a platter without doing any work at all except having sex with powerful men, because her google,tata pimps , sugar daddy ntro employees like j srinivasan, mhow cheater puneet, her relatives like pritesh chodankar are shameless and ruthless in marketing the prostitute as an online expert, domain investor

So when the domain on food was added to the ad network, it was indexed, however because google,tata’s favorite goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina, is not interested in food , the domain was deindexed in google a short period of time. Why are ntro, google,tata, R&AW falsely associating their employee google,tata’s favorite goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina chodan, with the google competitor , engineer who sunaina, her associates and her family hate and deindexing ?

The google,tata’s favorite goan bhandari panaji prostitute sunaina like other raw/cbi employees can easily purchase the domain paying the market price and get it legally transferred in her name, so why deindex the website just because the R&AW employee is not interested in food, or doing work online , the R&AW employee is only interested in having sex with powerful men as arranged by her pimps in google,tata ?