Detoxification Foods I Discovered In Thailand

Today most people lead a very hectic life, especially in large cities where the pollution levels are high and travel long distances. They also have little time to take care of their diet and often eat a lot of junk food. When young their body can tolerate the abuse, however the adverse effects will be visible when they grow older. Hence it recommended that a person leading a very hectic lifestyle should periodically take a break to detox and take care of his or her body. One of the most popular options for health conscious individuals all over the world is the Phuket detox retreat. The well designed website provides all the information needed in a single easy to read page, including pricing details of the different detox packages offered.

The detox routine adopted at the Phuket detox retreat in Southern Thailand combines changes in diet along with exercise, lifestyle changes, massage , sauna and other body treatment methods. At the beginning of the detox program the specialized and well trained detox consultant will assess the level of the toxins and fitness of the client and design a special program for optimum results. The diet formulated for detox of a  person will include some very effective detoxification foods like  Chai seeds, mung beans and bentonite clay as most of the toxins are accumulated in the digestive tract.

The cleansing drink for detox include pysllium which is widely used in Asia as a digestive aid and other herbs which will also help in weight loss. Most commercially grown herbs will contain toxic pesticide and fertilizer residues which can adversely affect the health in the long term. Hence only organically  grown herbs are used which are freshly ground so that they do not lose any of their nutrients. Additionally dietary supplements made from rice capsules are specially formulated to heal the body and repair the damage which was caused due to the hectic daily routine.

Tender coconut juice are not only refreshing they also help to energize a person tired from their hectic routine. The liver is an important organ in the body and green mung bean soup is used to detox the liver, one of the many vegetable broths use to cleanse the tired body. Though fasting for some time is required to remove the toxins from the body, tourists from all the world who come to Phuketfit also  get to sample a wide variety of delicacies like raw sushi, papaya steak, tuna pepper prepared by expert cooks. To remove the toxins from the skin, healing clay like bentonite clay will be applied to the skin the remove the dirt which has accumulated over a period of time