Oil,Ghee and salt in food

Another major disadvantage of eating out, is that the customer has no control over the ingredients used and their quality. It is very difficult to guess the ingredients which the food seller has used. In some cases, the food seller uses quality ingredients, while in other cases, the food seller may use contaminated ingredients.
Recently the domain investor purchased some food from a restaurant too much oil was used for cooking the fish, and it was not eatable. Usually most restaurants are using too much oil in their food. The food is also very spicy, and after eating this food, a lot of water is required. In a few cases, too much salt is added.
While eating these meals once a month or year may not cause health problems, eating these foods regularly can cause major health problems and senior citizens find it difficult to breath, suffer from peripheral arterial disease, may require hospitalization which is extremely expensive.
So though cooking food is time consuming, for middle aged and older people it is the safest and healthiest option.