Greedy restaurant owner

A local newspaper in Goa recently quoted John Thomas, a tourist from UK, who had been visiting Goa for the past 20 years, spending six months of year in Goa. After discussing with other tourists, he had decided not to come to Goa again during winter, he would prefer to go elsewhere in South East Asia where he would get better value for money, people are less greedy. He said” goan people touched by tourism, are a greedy jealous race, see tourist as walking ATM machine, Everything related to tourism has got overpriced,
Tourist restaurant have mostly unhygienic kitchen
hugely increasing prices every year,
serving smaller portions every year
pay their staff very little money
If a restaurant or guest house has a good year, they will not reinvest on the restaurant, spend money elsewhere on a car. “

WTB: Ready to eat meals

Interested in contacting suppliers and manufacturers of ready to eat meals which only have to be heated before being eaten for review. For example the MTR, ITC and others had offered a number of heat and eat/heat and serve meals for rice, rajma, mushroom, biryani, pulao, which were available in large cities. These meals can be heated using a microwave oven