Cook tries to electrocute teacher while sleeping after she shouted at him

While cunning cruel cheater government employees are criminally defaming professionals for not keeping maidservants and cooks, falsely claiming that these professionals are security threats, the fact is that keep any household help is always risky.
In the latest incident, a cook in Andheri, tried to electrocute a teacher Bethsheeba seth while she was sleeping in her home.The teacher woke up suddenly to find that the cook was standing with a live electrical wire. She started shouting and her son came to the room. The cook later apologized and left.
The teacher claimed that she had shouted at the cook earlier, and he was upset,so tried to kill her.
This incident exposes the risk of keeping household help, if a family member shouts at the help, they may get upset, try to harm or even kill the family members.
On the other hand,if the family member does not shout,the cook or maidservant will do whatever they wish, cooking meals which are not edible or not properly cooked.