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Only pavwalas selling bread on election day

On 4 february 2017, local elections were held in goa, and it was declared a holiday. Though the process of voting will not take more than 15 minutes almost all shops and establishments in panaji, goa were closed due to the declaration of a holiday. This is very inconvenient for those who wish to purchase food for their meals. Not everyone is cooking food at home, they often require some supplies for cooking and if almost every shop is closed because of elections , people have to wander a lot trying to find food for their meals. For example if a person did not purchase enough bread on 3 February 2017, and the bread at home is over, it is very difficult to find a shop selling bread on 4 february 2017,
Even the small shops or gaddas which are selling snacks, biscuits are closed, and the city is like a deserted city. Almost restaurants are also closed till 5 pm, how will the tourists eat? After wasting a lot of time searching for a bread seller, the only person selling bread are the pavwalas who roam around the city on the bicycles selling bread. Like most people who do not get a monthly salary, the income of the pavwalas depends on how much bread they are selling daily, so they are working on election day, unlike salaried people who will get the same salary even if there are many holidays