Why most chefs in hotels, restaurants are male

Though in most homes throughout the world, women cook food, in hotels and restaurants the chefs are usually male. While at home, the cook has to make food a few people usually less than 6, in a hotel or restaurant they have to cook a number of dishes for a very large number of people, Cooking in large volumes can be a very complex task, and few women can handle the pressure and professional demands of catering to so many people in a short period of time.

similarly in the indian internet sector, powerful officials closely observed the activities of webmasters and label them as fools saying that anyone can do the work, just like cooking at home, However handling a single website will be relatively simple like cooking for a small family.

Handling hundreds and thousands of websites can be a very complex task which an inexperienced person will not be able to manage. Like a chef in a restaurant or hotel, the webmaster with 100+ websites has to manage all the websites so that they meet the varying requirement of the different customers, usually the ad network being used.

So before the top officials dismiss the complex website network as being something an uneducated person can handle, they should think why chefs in hotels are highly paid and in demand. The average person in India knows very little about websites, domain names and webhosting