Sedatives allegedly used in Hema Upadhyay murder

It appears that the Hema Upadhyay murder was inspired to a large extent by the high profile sheena bora murder case, in which indrani mukherjea planned and carried out an almost perfect murder which would have remained undetected if her driver was not caught. Though complete information is not available, according to media reports, Hema and her lawyer Harish Bhambani were given sedatives and then their bodies were packed in the boxes. In the sheena bora case also indrani allegedly gave sheena a spiked drink before strangling her to death.
The murder again highlighted the widespread misuse of sedatives in food and drink to make a person unconscious, so that he or she can be easily exploited or taken advantage of. A person who is alert will fight back if attacked,may cause injuries and the plan of the attackers or murderer may be exposed . So a person who has enemies or under any kind of threat should not eat or drink food in public where the food or drink can be spiked.

Today in India, honesty, loyalty is not a quality that is appreciated, so it is difficult to blindly trust anyone for even a small thing like food. Women who are single like Hema are particularly vulnerable. So single women should be extremely careful when they eat out. If they are unable to get homemade food, they should at least eat the food in the safety of their house , not in public, where people can take advantage of them.