Eating in restaurants remains risky

Though eating out is very fashionable, it remains risky, because the person eating out, has almost no control over what he or she is eating.
The risk is greatest when the meal is specially cooked for the person eating out, as the restaurant cook and staff can put whatever ingredient they wish, which can cause health problems later.

In case of fast food restaurants, where the items like samosas are already cooked, the risk of food poisoning is far lower, because the waiters or sellers are just puttting the precooked samosas in the paper bag and handing it over to the customer
For example when the domain investor, found that at one restaurant, soda was added to the food she ate, and her stomach felt bloated
She could not sleep for 3-4 hours after eating the food, till the effect of the ingredients added reduced.

So while travelling, if a good sleep at night is important, it is advisable to eat some packaged food items like sweet bread, bread and breadspread, fruits. instead of taking the risk of eating at a restaurant whose quality of food is not guaranteed and having a sleepless night.