Very limited variety of vegetables available in the market

Though security agency employees want indian citizens to only grow flowers in their garden, the fact remains that there are very few vegetables available in the market for sale. In panaji, goa market only 4-5 easy to make and affordable vegetables are available, and most of them are not very tasty, especially if eaten daily. Few people have the time to visit the market daily to shop for vegetables, especially when tortured by security agencies.
Almost all vegetable vendors are only selling a few varieties of vegetables – cluster beans, long beans, brinjal, banana and eating the same vegetables can become very boring
So the only way to get vegetables which are not easily available is to grow them at home, in a kitchen garden.

Organized stalking while purchasing kachoris

The surveillance of a google competitor and domain investor is not for national security, it is for harassing her to the extent possible. For example the domain investor went to a store in panaji, and asked for 3 kachoris . The owner gave instructions to the staff, who packed one kachori only. The domain investor realized that the pack was very small , and asked how many kachoris were packed, the staff said only 1 kachori
The domain investor asked the owner, he said that he had asked his staff to pack 3 kachoris
The payment was made to the owner, and if the domain investor had not been observant and noticed the smaller packaging and questioned the staff, she would have paid for 3, and got only 1 kachori, which she would find out after she opened the pack at home for eating
It would be difficult for the domain investor to go to the store at a later date, and tell the owner that there was only 1 kachori, as there is no proof
This clearly indicates the high level of harassment faced by the domain investor while shopping for food and other items, the local officials and their associates are always looking for an opportunity to cheat.
Yet when the domain investor does not shop daily due to the harassment faced and cheating, especially when she is not fully alert, the local officials are falsely accusing her of being a security threat, causing insomnia and other health problems.

Organized stalking and availability of food

One of the main aspects of organized stalking at least in India, is harassing the targetted individual while he or she is shopping for food. The officials will closely monitor the person when he or she leaves home to purchase food, and terrorize or harass the person so much that he or she is afraid of leaving home to purchase food, and will often starve.
The harassment will usually continue till the person leaves tha area, as only the local intelligence and security agencies are paid to harass a harmless citizen by the enemies of the victim.

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Oil in cooking

When nonstick cookware is not used, usually a lot of oil or similar liquid is added to the food, so that the food does not adhere to surface of the pan or utensil used for cooking the food. However oil is expensive, and there are many health related associated with cooking food in oil.

It is not possible to completely remove all the oil from the food after cooking and some of the oil is consumed by the person who will eat the food. The oil has fat which can result in weight gain, causing associated problems like diabetes, heart attack and arthritis. To shed the fat, the person has to spend more time exercising. Using oil can be messy, as oil stains are difficult to remove , and cleaning the oily utensils will take more time.

Private sector bank staff too busy eating Tiger glucose biscuits in front of customers

One of the largest private sector banks is charging an account management fee quarterly from customers who are keeping a large amount with them. However some of the bank employees have the worst manners in the corporate world, with the indian banking sector in particular,
For example one account manager Ruchika (name changed to prevent legal problems) who looks like google, tata sponsored goan R&AW employee gsb fraud slut diploma holder siddhi mandrekar was observed eating glucose biscuits while speaking to the customer . She had kept the glucose biscuits on the computer keyboard tray , and was busy eating for at least 15 minutes, If the account manager at the private bank was extremely hungry she could have eaten one or two glucose biscuits to satisfy her hunger pangs, however she ate at least 15-20 glucose biscuits in front of a customer who will looking on disgusted and shocked at the bank employee gobbling up tiger glucose biscuits in Mumbai in April 2017.
Mostly the staff of other organizations will offer customers food if they are eating as a courtesy, however this account manager did not even bother to offer the biscuits that she was eating to the customer who had come to meet her.
For this extremely rude and mannerless service, the private sector bank is charging Rs 100 per quarter
These banks are quick to file suspicious transaction reports for their customers, however their own bank employees completely lack manners and are too busy eating biscuits at the workplace during office hours, while dealing with customers.
It indicates the worsening customer support standards of customer service in private banks.

When the greedy bank employee and her look alike R&AW employee siddhi stop eating drt

Even turkish agree that ntro, security agencies, cbi are hysterical greedy frauds

The fact that indian security and intelligence agencies, ntro, cbi employees are extremely selfish greedy frauds when they falsely accuse a person who withdraws cash as having black money has become very famous worldwide . These greedy selfish indian government employees may be getting free food as part of their routine bribes from other indian citizens, however most small business owners have no powers and have to pay cash for food and other expenses . So there is another ad from the turkish companies indicating that ntro employee puneet masterminded this great fraud on a harmless google competitor , refusing to acknowledge that cash is required for purchasing food and cooking food.

Government employees are getting free food rations

Demonetization will not reduce corruption in India, because the innovative corrupt powerful indian government employees have always found ways to take bribes in ways that are not easily detectible.
While cash payment can be traced and the person charged for corruption, one of the favored ways of bribing officials is by supplying all food and grocery rations for free according to number of online sources. The local grocery shop will supply all the rations to the house of the government employee and may be compensated by the bribe giver for the cost of rations.
Similarly other suppliers and service providers are providing free products and services to the indian government employees, so they have to withdraw very less money from their monthly salary towards their regular expenses . As a result, government employees are most reliable customers for service providers, lenders, real estate companies, and now these companies are offering special discounts to government employees

Restaurant design and food pricing

The cost of a meat at restaurant depends to a large extent on the decor and ambience, with prices higher at a high end restaurant like Leo’s Oyster bar.

Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco is the latest restaurant from the renowned Big Night Restaurant Group promoted by Anna Weinberg, James Nicholas, and Jennifer Puccio and specializes in seafood. In addition to food, the ambiance of a restaurant is a very important consideration while selecting a particular restaurant for an special meal with friends or business associates. The restaurant which has been designed by interior designer Ken Fulk along with Jon de la Cruz , specializes in formal dining . The ambiance and decor of Leo’s Oyster Bar is reminiscent of a bygone era, a combination of a style of 60 years ago, combining the west coast 1950’s Beverly Hills Glitz with that of a Manhattan club.

To create a bright and colorful atmosphere, the interior designers have used a botanical wallpaper on the walls of the restaurant with flowers and leaves. Flower vases filled with brightly colored flowers and live plants add a touch of greenery and nature to the high-end restaurant. Brass light fixtures are used to add a vintage touch to the restaurant.Rattan furnishings, are used extensively to add to the tropical island theme of the restaurant, as Executive chef Jennifer Puccio serves a wide variety of seafood products like New England lobster roll, ahi tuna carpaccio.

The restaurant includes Hideaway, a dimly lit lounge area and courtyard, which lies some distance away from the kitchen. The lounge area has black and white terracotta tiles like the rest of the restaurant and is designed as a place to relax after a hard day at work. Champagne and bowls of punch are among the many drinks and beverages served at the pink onyx bar, which is illuminated by seashell sconces to add to the tropical ambiance. The lounge and courtyard area is lined by metallic leather banquettes, allowing guests to be seated comfortably, while relaxing and chatting over a drink.

Only pavwalas selling bread on election day

On 4 february 2017, local elections were held in goa, and it was declared a holiday. Though the process of voting will not take more than 15 minutes almost all shops and establishments in panaji, goa were closed due to the declaration of a holiday. This is very inconvenient for those who wish to purchase food for their meals. Not everyone is cooking food at home, they often require some supplies for cooking and if almost every shop is closed because of elections , people have to wander a lot trying to find food for their meals. For example if a person did not purchase enough bread on 3 February 2017, and the bread at home is over, it is very difficult to find a shop selling bread on 4 february 2017,
Even the small shops or gaddas which are selling snacks, biscuits are closed, and the city is like a deserted city. Almost restaurants are also closed till 5 pm, how will the tourists eat? After wasting a lot of time searching for a bread seller, the only person selling bread are the pavwalas who roam around the city on the bicycles selling bread. Like most people who do not get a monthly salary, the income of the pavwalas depends on how much bread they are selling daily, so they are working on election day, unlike salaried people who will get the same salary even if there are many holidays

BSF jawan complaint about food reflects lack of humanity, corruption of top indian officials

NTRO, CBI, intelligence and security agencies are quick to label a domain investor who is complaining about exploitation, cheating and atrocities as a security threat, anti national, however the complaint of the BSF, CRPF and the killing by a CISF jawan, indicates the widespread, corruption, nepotism and lack of humanity of the top officials in security and paramilitary organizations which the indian media refuses to acknowledge. The top intelligence and security agency officials are extremely selfish, greedy and completely lacking in humanity, they do not treat others who are socially inferior to them as human beings.
These powerful security agency officials are only interested in enjoying and enriching themselves, their friends, relatives and associates like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, they are least bothered about the well being of those who are largely responsible for the position and power of these officials. It appears that some senior BSF official was pocketing almost all the money which the government had sanctioned for the food of the BSF jawan and it was a well organized racket. When the BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav complained, in a reaction typical of security agencies exposing whistleblowers, his sanity was questioned.
In India anyone complaining against corrupt government officials, especially intelligence and security agencies, is labelled as anti national and being a security threat, ruthlessly stalked and tortured. The BSF jawans were posted in Kashmir,in cold weather, close to the border area, yet the official involved in stealing their food was so completely lacking in humanity and honesty, that he wanted his bribe at any cost. Similarly when the domain investor is complaining about the brahmin frauds, goan call girls and their corrupt associates who are cheating, exploiting her , these powerful officials are spreading false rumors about her health, in an indication about the widespread malaise in the government of refusing to acknowledge the corruption, dishonesty of top officials,
For example the security agency officials are falsely claiming that goan sex workers sleeping with them, their fraud friends and relatives, who do not spend any money , own this website, to get all these frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary for doing nothing, while the real domain investor who does all the work, is like the BSF jawan who gets almost no food, despite doing a lot of work , as the domain investor is making almost no money while top corrupt officials and their associates are becoming very rich due to corruption

There is no difference between the senior BSF officials who are stealing the BSF jawans food to become rich, and the fraud NTRO, CBI, indian internet sector government officials like siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar who are stealing the leads, orders, blocking the payment of harmless paypal account holders to become rich overnight. Demonetization will not eliminate corruption in India, only taking action against corrupt government officials will improve the condition of indian citizens