How to avoid food poisoning

After being a victim of numerous food poisoning attempts by these well connected lazy greedy fraud women, the harmless innocent single woman engineer and paypal account holder has devised certain tips to avoid food poisoning by these crooked powerful cruel fraud women and their associates. the Paypal account holder is at a great disadvantage as these officials can waste infinite indian tax payer money to put her under surveillance.
– Avoid eating out to the extent possible, cook food at home only
– if eating out, purchase precooked food, which has already been prepared in bulk, like biryani and ensure that it is packed in front of your eyes.
– grow vegetables,herbs for daily use at home to the extent possible to minimize cost and effort in shopping. there is little information available, however trial and error can be used to find suitable plants.
– choose the vegetables and other ingredient purchased yourself, do not allow the vendor to select and pack the foodstuff, especially if purchasing from the same vendor.
– change your shopping routine often, to be unpredictable.