Maggi noodles ban lifted

As expected the ban on noodles was lifted after a few months, not before it got extensive coverage in the media . While some people who were regular maggi consumers will have changed their diet forever, others will revert to eating the noodles again. Most of the ready to eat alternatives in the market remain expensive and unaffordable for most Indian customers. While some of these food product manufacturers may have increased their market share, the real loss was to the companies, individuals involved in the manufacturing and marketing of these noodles.
In Goa a large number of people who were employed with Nestle on contract basis were laid off, and Nestle India reported a loss of several crores of rupees, after the Maggi noodle ban.
Additionally they had to spend money to get rid of the noodle stock.
Only some small change in the formula for making Maggi noodles was required, yet a huge loss was incurred