Canning and preserving food

Compared to other countries a large part of the fresh agro produce, vegetables like brinjals, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, fruits like bananas, papayas, oranges, chikoos, seafood like fish, crabs are wasted due to poor food processing systems and lack of storage facilities which require refrigeration. Firms and individuals providing information, technology, expertise, supplying equipment on how to preserve and can food can send their details for a free listing at canning and preserving. Specifically interested in suppliers of aloe vera processing equipment

Getting vegetables and fruits for a meal

Though there are a number of restaurants and takeaways offering food at a reasonable price, there is a risk that the food may have toxic ingredients, poison mixed or is otherwise unhealthy. So people with a large number of enemies are advised to cook their food themselves though it may not be very tasty, if they not good at cooking. However one of the major problems for cooking meals at home remains getting vegetables for cooking.
Pulses are relatively simple to get, as they last for a long period of time, getting fresh vegetables regularly can be a challenge. For senior citizens who cannot walk quickly for crossing roads, having a kitchen garden can help to reduce the walking required. Stocking perishables like vegetables can be a risky business due to the high levels of wastage, so there are relatively few vegetable and fruit sellers in an area, especially when the population density will be low.
Busy people or senior citizens would prefer to reduce the number of trips they make to the vegetable and fruit seller to the minimum. This can reduce the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables they are consuming, Another major problem faced will be the weight of the fruits and vegetables, especially if the person purchasing does not have a vehicle to carry these items. Most people can carry 1.5 kg weight without any problem, however when the combined weight of the vegetables, fruits will exceed 4 kilos it can be a major strain on the human body.
So though time consuming it is advisable to make multiple trips and get fresh fruits and vegetables for cooking meals and eating

Airline meals and food

In India only AirIndia and Jet airways free food to customers among the airlines with a national network, for budget airlines, the customers have to pay for the food. During a recent check of the food offered by budget airlines in india, there appears to be significant differences in the variety, pricing and quality of the inflight food.

Spicejet offers a wide variety of food to customers who take their flight – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. These meals are available only during a specific time of the day. For example on a flight passengers were heard requesting for parathas or idlis and were told that these were available only during breakfast, during a short flight in the evening only snacks were available. The payment was collected after the customer had the meal or snack.

Indigo also offers food to customers during their flight, which they book at the time of booking a ticket or request during the flight. For a Mumbai Goa flight, their food menu was relatively limited, it could be because the flight is relatively a short journey. The prices seem to relatively lower, as Indigo has one of the largest fleets in India and operates a large number of flights, leading to economies of scale. Their staff was extremely particular about collecting payment for the snacks and food ordered.

It appears that a large number of passengers order airline food during the flight, with average food order costing Rs 540 based on observation during Goa Mumbai and Mumbai goa flights. However only salaried people like the lazy greedy fraud R&AW/CBI employees especially goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar, goan obc bhandari sex bribe giver bsc sunaina who sleeps with top officials, and others who get salaries only for making fake claims of owning this website, can afford to pay so much for airline food.

The real domain investor, Paypal account holders who has to pay all the expenses, and has got nothing, due to cheating, exploitation, harassment, torture by the fraud ntro officials, R&AW/CBI employees impersonating her, and their associates, would appreciate any kind of advertising to cover the many expenses, so that she can afford to purchase airline food, next time she travels by air and check the quality of the food.

Self help groups do not market food products well

At many exhibitions, there are a number of self help groups, usually women, selling a variety of products, however they do not market their product well to reach the target audience. In many cities, there are a number of working people who are too busy to cook their own food and will pay for tasty, well cooked, healthy food.
However they find it difficult to find a supplier of affordable and nutritious foods, in most posh areas there are almost no stores, except supermarkets where cctv cameras are misused to frame innocent harmless people.
The retailers will stock only limited food products and no effort will be made to inform the walk in customers about the availability of the food produced by the self help group.
For example the nurseries and playschools are aggressively brand building, putting their boards on all the houses in the city, though only few families have young children. On the other hand, almost all working people will want to purchase affordable food, especially in small towns, yet there is almost no information available online or offline.
At an exhibition, a visitor will find a large number of self help groups selling a wide variety of food products, however there is a limit on how much food a single person or family can purchase during a single visit to the trade fair.

Marketing the food products of self help groups could be extremely lucrative for the right person or organization

The real reason for Patanjali’s success in food and FMCG products

Many professionals in the FMCG sector are surprised by the success of Patanjali in selling food and other items, yet the mainstream media has refused to honestly analyze the reason how a relatively low profile organization could garner so much market share.

However they refuse to acknowledge a major change in indian society and life in the last decade, if a person will not be westernized, good looking enough or well connected, security and intelligence agencies will make completely fake allegations against the person without any proof at all to cheat, exploit and harass the person endlessly wasting tax payer money. Earlier unless the person specifically created problems, the security and intelligence agencies would leave an indian citizen alone.

What money the older person will spend especially on western brands, these officials will falsely claim that it was spent by a younger lazy greedy person who cheated the person, to torture the older person and give the young fraud great powers. For example 8-9 lazy greedy cheater women like goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut sunaina, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar,naina, veena, ruchika have got lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs at the expense of the domain investor, because of the exploitation system of indian intelligence agencies who refuse to acknowledge hard work, honesty.

Patanjali is one of the very few FMCG companies who will accept and acknowledge their indian customers, who are otherwise victims of impersonation frauds by younger lazy greedy westernized men and women. Single individuals,professionals and small business owners who are not well connected are the greatest victims of the impersonation frauds, facing daily harassment, human rights abuses.

So Indians who are tired of the reign of terror, exploitation of indian security and intelligence agencies in the last few years using hitech weapons, are patronizing Patanjali products hoping to get some protection from the ruthless security and intelligence agencies who cannot be held accountable or questioned.

Till the indian media honestly acknowledges and analyzes the change in Indian society, Patanjali will continue to grow rapidly and as baba ramdev said, it is likely that not maggi noodles, patanjali noodles will become the largest noodle brand in India

Bread, chappati

In most indian households in northern india, chappati are widely consumed, especially if the wife is at home and has servants to help in the kitchen.

However making the chappati can be time consuming and messy so some people, especially those who are busy prefer to purchase bread. The most popular sliced bread available locally is white bread, which is cheap, however it is not considered to be good for health as it contains ingredients which are not good for health. Doctors advise elderly or health conscious people to eat brown bread.
There are a wide variety of brown breads or whole wheat breads which are available in the market with different prices. The cheapest brown or whole wheat bread appears to have some maida in it, (exact percentage) not known, while the most expensive whole wheat or brown bread has no maida in it according to label, though it is costlier by Rs 10.

Most of the brown breads available in the market are available in packaging of 300 g .

Sedatives allegedly used in Hema Upadhyay murder

It appears that the Hema Upadhyay murder was inspired to a large extent by the high profile sheena bora murder case, in which indrani mukherjea planned and carried out an almost perfect murder which would have remained undetected if her driver was not caught. Though complete information is not available, according to media reports, Hema and her lawyer Harish Bhambani were given sedatives and then their bodies were packed in the boxes. In the sheena bora case also indrani allegedly gave sheena a spiked drink before strangling her to death.
The murder again highlighted the widespread misuse of sedatives in food and drink to make a person unconscious, so that he or she can be easily exploited or taken advantage of. A person who is alert will fight back if attacked,may cause injuries and the plan of the attackers or murderer may be exposed . So a person who has enemies or under any kind of threat should not eat or drink food in public where the food or drink can be spiked.

Today in India, honesty, loyalty is not a quality that is appreciated, so it is difficult to blindly trust anyone for even a small thing like food. Women who are single like Hema are particularly vulnerable. So single women should be extremely careful when they eat out. If they are unable to get homemade food, they should at least eat the food in the safety of their house , not in public, where people can take advantage of them.

Drinking water for organized stalking

Allegedly bribed by google,tata and other companies, indian intelligence agencies cbi, r&AW, NTRo and others are ruthlessly stalking a harmless brilliant single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder especially in goa. These shameless powerful dishonest officials are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer, to defame the single woman engineer without proof, just because they have been bribed by large corporates to do so.
In goa these shameless fraud officials are falsely claiming that the domain names, paypal account belongs to the lazy greedy goan sex bribe givers, to sexually harass, torture and illegally use mind reading equipment on the harmless obc engineer. They will warn all the shopkeepers who she will plan to visit, that she will be coming and ask them to delay the delivery of the food, or give leftovers,

Having tortured a harmless single woman engineer, paypal account holdefor more than 5 years, the fraud cowardly shameless cbi tata officials, never lose an opportunity to mock the woman, how they have ruined her health and appearance, making her look older, mocking her dehydrated skin, as they shamelessly falsely claimed that Goan SEX bribe givers sunaina siddhi mandrekar , BRAHMIN and other cheater women owned the Paypal account and domain names of the single woman obc engineer

On 20 November 2011, at around 6 pm the person at the counter of a small takeaway at St Inez, panaji was warned by the fraud tata,google, cbi official that the obc engineer would come shopping, so he drank a lot of water. Later the obc domain investor found that the delivery of samosas was delayed, a person who looked like mahesh(dressed in a brown t-shirt to indicate security agency support) came later and was delivered his order earlier. The indian intelligence agencies allegedly falsely claim that veena, the wife of mahesh owns the website and paypal account to defame the real obc single woman Paypal account holder and deny her a fair deal. The samosas given were broken or not properly formed, indicating the high level of planning that goes into every organized stalking incident .

This has become a trend in goa, mind reading equipment is used to predict where the obc engineer will go, and the person will be asked to drink water when the obc engineer will come to the shop or do any work. Even at the State Bank branch in Panaji, the woman at the counter, will drink water whenever the obc engineer will come to deposit a cheque for paying for webhosting.

Can the google, tata, cbi, ntro, R&AW, intelligence and security agency officials explain why so much tax payer money is being wasted for mind reading of a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder for more than 5 years, when they have no proof against her at all. What national security matter is involved in stalking a harmless single woman engineer shopping for food, or depositing a cheque in the bank, why does she not have the privacy everyone has? Can these officials justify the wastage of tax payer money on stalking the harmless single woman in an open debate?

Money for food, no one interested in books

In an indication of the priorities of middle class india today in 2015, a domain investor observed that people were having plenty of money to spend on food, while no one seemed interested in purchasing books. At a popular restaurant in Panaji, Goa with lunch on an average costing Rs 225 per person, there were so many customers waiting, that it was difficult to get a table during lunchtime.
In another Chinese restaurant with a buffet priced at around Rs 500 per person, there seemed to be no shortage of customers again, who were ordering beer and expensive drinks additionally.
However in the same city a bookstore was having a sale of books, with prices as low as Rs 5 for English books. However in nearly 3 hours, the bookshop seemed to have only 1 customer indicating that people are least interested in purchasing the books, while they seem to have plenty of money for eating food. To write well, people should also be well read, however in 2015, in India the reading habit seems to be dying a slow death due to the warped priorities of indian intelligence agencies who falsely claim that mediocre semi literate brahmin frauds, goan sex bribe givers are excellent writers .
people are interested in learning English only for passing exams , no one is interested in the language or for getting more information. So people interested in a profitable business options, should definitely consider restaurants or similar food related services.

Smaller portions of food to pay bribe

Ordering food has also become a waste of money for the obc paypal account holder and domain investor because the intelligence and security agency officials who are monitoring the obc domain investor and paypal account holder using mind reading technology will demand a bribe from them or ask the food provider to poison the food.(like the sheena/mikhail bora case) As the prices of the food are fixed, the food seller cannot charge a higher price.
Instead they will serve a much smaller portion of the food to the domain investor, Paypal account holder, and give the money saved to the greedy security agency officials, who are already getting a good salary, pension and many perks. In the latest incident of extortion, only a few pieces of dhokla were served for Rs 20 indicating that it has become a well planned racket.