Why most chefs in hotels, restaurants are male

Though in most homes throughout the world, women cook food, in hotels and restaurants the chefs are usually male. While at home, the cook has to make food a few people usually less than 6, in a hotel or restaurant they have to cook a number of dishes for a very large number of people, Cooking in large volumes can be a very complex task, and few women can handle the pressure and professional demands of catering to so many people in a short period of time.

similarly in the indian internet sector, powerful officials closely observed the activities of webmasters and label them as fools saying that anyone can do the work, just like cooking at home, However handling a single website will be relatively simple like cooking for a small family.

Handling hundreds and thousands of websites can be a very complex task which an inexperienced person will not be able to manage. Like a chef in a restaurant or hotel, the webmaster with 100+ websites has to manage all the websites so that they meet the varying requirement of the different customers, usually the ad network being used.

So before the top officials dismiss the complex website network as being something an uneducated person can handle, they should think why chefs in hotels are highly paid and in demand. The average person in India knows very little about websites, domain names and webhosting

The hypocrisy of banning Maggi noodles in India

The indian governmemt has been quick in banning Maggi noodles of Nestle claiming that the high lead content is dangerous for health, yet in the same poor country thousands of dollars in indian tax payer money are wasted to commit the most terrible human rights abuses to ruin the health of harmless innocent engineers.

The only crime of the harmless single woman engineer who is being attacked daily is that the cruel fraud top officials in India want to steal her hard earned money and impressive resume forthe lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi mandrekarm, bsc obc sunaina who they sleep with, brahmin cheaters goan gsb riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel and others.
The infatuation of the powerful cruel coward J srinivasan allegedly working in NTRO, for the lazy greedy obc call bsc sunaina has become world famous as he falsely claims that the goan call girl sunaina , half his age, was his Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate, a domain investor, webmaster, online seller and exporter.

The cruel fraud J has deployed a government employee to relentlessly stalk his real Btech EE classmate, a middle aged single woman engineer whose impressive resume he has stolen for his inexperienced darling call girl bsc sunaina. The person reporting to J has been instructed to attack his classmate at every opportunity to ruin her health with the most sophisticated radiation weapons available in the country. The cruel greedy brahmin frauds hiding behind bangalore cheater housewife BBM nayanshree hathwar, goan cheaters riddhi siddhi may also be involved in the daily human rights abuses to cover up their fraud of stealing the resume of the obc engineer for these mediocre lazy greedy cheaters fg

When so much tax payer money is wasted to ruin the health of a harmless innocent hardworking civilian in India out of personal hatred and greed , why does the government comprehensively ban maggi noodles faking concern for India citizens health, leaving pepple unemployed . they they can ask them to change the recipe .

The government has shown that it does not care about the health of indian citizens , when the RTI request of the single woman engineer regarding human rights abuses and torture , was ignored and she continues to be attacked daily in Panaji, Goa nearly 6 months after filing a RTI request in January 2015 with National Human Rights commission of India .

Airconditioning to ensure pleasant meals in summer

While the quality of the food is one consideration while having a meal, the ambience also plays an important role in determining whether all present enjoy the meal with their family and friends. During late spring and summer, the temperature in many parts of Arizona like Phoenix will be very high, so leaving home to eat out will be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Most people will prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes to the extent possible and enjoy their meals especially breakfast and lunch on holidays. Hence it is important to ensure that a professional company will be hired for air conditioning installation Phoenix .

air conditioning installation Phoenix

The cooling requirement for every home varies to a very great extent and depends on a number of factors. Even within the same area, the cooling required for a home will differ from the requirement of their immediate neighbour. Some of the factors which determine the cooling requirement will be the construction, design and size of the house. For certain homes, eco friendly material for construction may be used which will reduce the need for additional cooling using air conditioning. In other homes which are dust proof, there will no natural ventilation and cooling will be needed.

Before air conditioning installation Phoenix , an experienced technician from the airconditioning company will visit the home to estimate the cooling requirement. They will consult the home owner or the person residing or managing the home or establishment and understand their priorities. The family members residing in the home will spend more time during the summer and late spring in some rooms of the house and airconditioning of the rooms will be customized accordingly. For example if the home has an attached gym or exercise area, the area will need better airconditioning .

The kitchen of the home is another area where a lot of heat and smoke will be generated cooking meals and other food for the family. Most of the cooking tasks are a form of exercise and during summer people will feel often perspire if adequate cooling arrangements are not made. Hence it is important to consider the kitchen layout, smoke and heat generated for air conditioning installation Phoenix as some cooking equipment will generate more heat compared to microwave equipment and coolers. The airconditioning should be installed to ensure that there are adequate clearances. air conditioning installation Phoenix

Increasingly people work from home and have computers in their house for working, record keeping and for games. Many desktop computers, laptops generate heat and the component life will reduce if the temperature in the cabinet will be higher than recommended. Hence professional air conditioning installation Phoenix will ensure that the expensive computers and other electronic devices will remain cool even when ambient temperatures in Phoenix Arizona will rise in summer. The money saved in travelling expenses, time and extended life of electronic equipment will cover the cost of airconditioning to some extent.

The air conditioning company Norris Air has been in business for several decades and takes great pride in developing long term relationships with their customers. Their well trained technicians have been trained in the various types of airconditioning equipment which will be suitable for houses of all sizes and the different types of rooms. In addition to air conditioning installation , these technicians will also be able to troubleshoot and fix the minor problems which may occur. Usually a warranty will be offered for the air conditioning installation in Phoenix which may vary from a few months to as much as 5 years depending on how sophisticated the cooling equipment will be.

The technician from Norris Air who will install the airconditioning will also provide guidance to the home owner or people residing in the home on the basic maintenance needed for ensuring optimum performance of the airconditioning. They will also provide tips on reducing the electricity bill for airconditioning. In addition to ensuring that the ambient temperature in the house will be pleasant, the air conditioning can also reduce the rate of decay of food and beverages. It is well known that milk and meat will get spoiled quickly if the temperature will be higher, especially in summer. Hence air conditioning installation by an experienced and professional company like Norris Air will make life pleasant for people.

kindly note that the lazy greedy goan call girls cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc obc sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, veena, ruchika, asmita patel and other frauds are not associated with the website in any way though these lazy greedy frauds have allegedly got permanent government jobs in R&AW making false claims. If any one from R&AW reads the post, kindly the powerful cruel dishonest cowardly officials promoting the call girls, brahmin and other cheaters to stop the daily human rights abuses on the webmaster and obc engineer whose resume these cruel greedy lazy women have stolen to get a salary and pension . nayanshree should be also asked to return the Rs 1.1 lakh she has cheated the webmaster of

Detoxification Foods I Discovered In Thailand

Today most people lead a very hectic life, especially in large cities where the pollution levels are high and travel long distances. They also have little time to take care of their diet and often eat a lot of junk food. When young their body can tolerate the abuse, however the adverse effects will be visible when they grow older. Hence it recommended that a person leading a very hectic lifestyle should periodically take a break to detox and take care of his or her body. One of the most popular options for health conscious individuals all over the world is the Phuket detox retreat. The well designed website provides all the information needed in a single easy to read page, including pricing details of the different detox packages offered.

The detox routine adopted at the Phuket detox retreat in Southern Thailand combines changes in diet along with exercise, lifestyle changes, massage , sauna and other body treatment methods. At the beginning of the detox program the specialized and well trained detox consultant will assess the level of the toxins and fitness of the client and design a special program for optimum results. The diet formulated for detox of a  person will include some very effective detoxification foods like  Chai seeds, mung beans and bentonite clay as most of the toxins are accumulated in the digestive tract.

The cleansing drink for detox include pysllium which is widely used in Asia as a digestive aid and other herbs which will also help in weight loss. Most commercially grown herbs will contain toxic pesticide and fertilizer residues which can adversely affect the health in the long term. Hence only organically  grown herbs are used which are freshly ground so that they do not lose any of their nutrients. Additionally dietary supplements made from rice capsules are specially formulated to heal the body and repair the damage which was caused due to the hectic daily routine.

Tender coconut juice are not only refreshing they also help to energize a person tired from their hectic routine. The liver is an important organ in the body and green mung bean soup is used to detox the liver, one of the many vegetable broths use to cleanse the tired body. Though fasting for some time is required to remove the toxins from the body, tourists from all the world who come to Phuketfit also  get to sample a wide variety of delicacies like raw sushi, papaya steak, tuna pepper prepared by expert cooks. To remove the toxins from the skin, healing clay like bentonite clay will be applied to the skin the remove the dirt which has accumulated over a period of time

Food poisoning

Food poisoning is defined as any disease of an infectious or toxic nature caused by the consumption of food or drink. The term is most often used to describe the illness, usually diarrhea or vomiting caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Very occasionally poisoning are caused by chemicals. Most of the food poisoning incidents take place in the kitchen. The main reason is the negligence of cooks while preparing food. In truth, incidents related to food poisoning can easily be averted if some precautions are taken at the home front only. Infants, children and elderly people have a higher risk for food poisoning, as their immunity is generally lesser as compared to mature adults. You are at greatest risk if you are diabetic, have kidney disease, and a weak immune system. Some types of food poisoning can produce symptoms within a few hours of the contaminated food being eaten, whilst others may not occur for some days.

Types of food poisoning

Food poisoning may be of the following two types: Non–bacterial and Bacterial. The non bacterial food poisoning is generally caused by chemicals such as arsenic or due to chemicals in sea food. There is a lot of contamination of food nowadays due to chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides etc. The Bacterial type of food poisoning is caused by the ingestion of foods contaminated by living bacteria or their toxins. There are some food poisoning signs which require immediate medical attention or may be hospitalization like stools containing blood or high fever.

One of the most common symptoms is cramps in the stomach. You might start to have nausea or vomiting tendencies. Feelings of nausea can be treated by limiting the victim’s diet to clear liquids and soups until the food poisoning event has passed. Some people might start to suffer from diarrhea for more than a couple of days. If diarrhea and vomiting continue for a long time, you could also experience weakness and fatigue. You are forced to vomit in order to remove the contaminated food items from your stomach. Though it is a good sign, it will cause dehydration later. Hence in order to sustain the fluid level in your body, you must keep drinking liquids often. It is recommended to intake glucose or oral rehydration salts. There could be signals popping up of dizziness, thirst, light-headedness.

Disadvantages of ordering food from takeaway/restaurant

Though ordering food for a family meal from a restaurant can be very convenient there are many disadvantages of ordering food from outside
1.Expensive – the restaurant or takeaway prices may be significantly higher than the actual cost of cooking the meal due to higher overheads for the restaurant.
2.Food ingredient – little control over the quality of the ingredient used while cooking the food, if a person has been harassed or has many enemies, these people can put a poison in the food, which can be very dangerous. The problem will be particularly accute when the food was ordered over phone or online, which the enemies can easily track, and poison if they wish. Hence while ordering it will be better to order from places which have pre cooked food, which they only pack according to order. If a person is young and has no enemies, then eating out will be convenient and cheap.
3. Cooking style – the method of cooking at a restaurant may not be suitable for everyone, especially the health conscious, those with dietary restriction specified by their doctor, they will use too much oil, ghee while cooking the food, which some people may not prefer
4. Delivery time : Many restaurants will be open only for a few hours a day, and will be closed for the rest of the time, Even when these restaurants are open, certain dishes will be available only during the evening or at lunch time. Hence food will not be available whenever required.

At Home Personal trainers

Heating installation in homes

During winter temperatures in many areas decline to sub zero values, and this results in a number of problems for people as well as expensive appliances, equipment and gadgets. For example, when water in a pipe freezes, it will expand, increasing the pressure on the walls of the pipe, resulting in cracks which can damage the pipe , and result in leakage of water in summer when the ice thaws. the frozen water pipe can also result in cutting off water supply to the home or any other commercial establishment, resulting in great hardship for everyone. Lack of water in the home can make it difficult to cook any food for meals at the home, or even eat any meal.

heating installation

Hence it is important to devote adequate resources to ensuring proper heating installation Palm Springs CA , right from preparing the specifications for the heating required for the home or other area to selecting the contractor for heating, and supervising the installation of the heating properly for optimum results. Based on the layout of the home, piping and other equipment which will need heating in winter, the specifications for the heating system required for the home or commercial premises can be prepared so that contractors can make their best offer.

In case the specifications are not prepared due to the lack of knowledge about design of heating systems, contractors interested in the heating installation Palm Springs CA project may inspect the premises, and give a quote depending on the amount of work they will do to ensure that the house has adequate heating. If a large amount of work has to be done for the heating system,especially for commercial premises, it is always advisable to contact more than one heating contractor and after checking the specifications, prices and terms and conditions of these companies to shortlist a contractor.

One of the factors to be considered while selecting a contractor for heating installation Palm Springs CA is the actual skills and competence of the contractors and their affiliated staff. In many cases, especially online, well connected individuals may have fake references of experience and skills, which they may have got from their friends or by bribing and threatening the relevant people. Though these people may be extremely glib speakers and smart, they will not have the relevant skills, and it will be very expensive to undo the mistakes which they have made.

Installation of the heating system which includes furnaces, fireplaces, and suitable piping or ducting for heating different areas of the home, can be a very time consuming task and it will be difficult for people to reside in the area when the work is being done. In case of any major problem, repairs can also be very expensive, and interrupt the busy schedule of the home owner or people operating from the commercial premises. Hence it is important to correctly evaluate the skills, competence of the heating contractor and the quality of the work he will be doing.

A local contractor will have knowledge of the typical variation in temperature for the particular area, especially in winter and design the heating system accordingly, while the home or commercial premises owner will have to provide these inputs to the contractor if he does not usually operate in Palm Springs CA. The quality and complexity of the equipment used for heating will depend on the budget available, home owners with a large budget will be able to afford a very sophisticated and automated system, with temperature indicators to show the actual temperature, and automatically switch on heating when the temperature dips below certain prespecified levels.

After a contractor has been finalized , they may take some time to procure the equipment and other supplies for the heating system for installation. In other cases, especially for large commercial premises, the owner may procure the equipment and use the services of a contractor only for heating installation Palm Springs CA . The contractor will usually specify the time he will take to install the heating system, depending on the area, complexity of the system, and manpower that will be used. It is always advisable for the owner of the property to get a warranty on the installation work, in case of problems at a later date.

Movers in Phoenix

Earlier, a few centuries ago the food eaten by people for their meals was usually grown in the same area or surroundings. However, with advances in technology, crop yields have increased significantly, hence fewer people are needed for growing the same crops. As transportation methods have grown cheaper and faster, it is possible to transport goods from one part of the world to another at a very cost effective rate. The services of movers in Phoenix can be used to move food manufactured in and around Phoenix to other parts of the country or even the world.

Refrigeration and food preservation techniques have also made it possible to preserve the food so that it will last for a very long time without getting spoilt. For example for milk, pasteurization will increase the life of the milk, and for other foods like fruits and vegetable, dehydration, pickling, and canning will significantly increase the period for which the fruits and vegetables can be use. If these techniques for food preservation are not used, the fruits and vegetables will get spoilt quickly resulting in wastage, especially when yields are high.


While the services of movers in Phoenix are commonly used by individuals and families for relocating from one place to another due to personal or professional reasons, they can be also used by farmers to transport their fruits and vegetables from one place to another for food processing so that they can be used for meals. Usually cooking a meal can be a very time consuming process, especially for busy professionals who have very little time. The processed foods can be easily prepared in a few minutes with very little effort like microwaving or heating .

Most of the preserved foods are in the form of pouches, cans or sachets which are transported from the place of manufacture to the regions where they will be consumed using trucks. The movers in Phoenix can supply the trucks for transportation of the foodstuff to complement their core business of helping people relocate from one place to another. One of the main considerations while moving from one place to another is to ensure that all appliances in the home, are transported safely from one place to another without damage, since they are the most expensive items in the home.

In most homes, a significant number of appliances are used in the kitchen for cooking and preserving food like refrigerators, cooking ranges, microwave ovens. These are very delicate appliances which can get damaged during transportation, especially over long distances which can be very expensive in terms of repairs as the replacement part will be costly and the finding a skilled technician will also not be easy. Hence it is important to ensure that movers in Phoenix have the necessary expertise to move the appliances from one place to another with minimal damage to the delicate equipment by using the best practices for packing the appliances, developed over several years, to prevent damage.

Hence before finalizing movers in Phoenix the home owner interested in hiring their services should check what kind of precautions are taken to prevent damage to the appliances. The movers may use special packaging material like bubble wrapping or thermocol to protect the appliance from the impact it is very likely to suffer when loading and unloading onto the transport vehicle, and while being transported over long distances at a very high speed. The movers also have highly skilled staff on their payroll who are familiar with which parts of the equipment may get damaged during transportation and will package the appliances accordingly to minimize or eliminate the damage. So though the insured movers may charge a little more, the reduced risk will compensate for the additional cost.

However, in the worst case, there is always a possibility that expensive equipment and appliances may get damaged during transportation despite the precautions taken by movers in Phoenix. In such cases, if the movers have insurance coverage, they can offer their customers some compensation for the unexpected damage caused during transportation. Hence if the home owner has some very expensive appliances which are being transported over a long distance, it will be advisable to check if the movers have any kind of insurance against damage during transit, which will ensure compensation in case the appliances are damaged .

Best knives set reviews

Knives are an integral part of any kitchen, needed for cutting vegetables, fruits, fish , meat, and other foodstuff. Hence most people needing knives for their kitchen will want to buy the most affordable and economical kitchen knive sets available which can be used for all kitchen activities and last for a long time. While these kitchen knives can be purchased offline from retail stores, increasingly, people are buying knives online from the ecommerce websites after checking the best knives set reviews from various buyers and users of the kitchen knives.

There are a number of websites which offer reviews of different kinds of kitchen appliances such as food processors, water purifiers and knive sets. One of the factors to be considered before checking or believing in the best knives set reviews are the genuineness of the reviews, whether the reviews are really by end users or are manipulated either by the company selling the kitchen knives or their rivals. Manipulation of online reviews remains comparatively simple, since most websites do not have the strict editorial standards of the offline media, to check if the information is correct.

Online there is great scope for manipulation, by either offering bribes , favors or threats to induce a person to give positive reviews of knive sets and similar products, if the company selling the product has deep pockets and can spend a lot of money on promotion even if the product is of poor quality. Some of the factors which have to be considered in the best knives set reviews are the quality of the knife, designs , how easily the knives can be handled while cutting, warranty if any, whether there are any safety features to prevent unwanted injuries to the user and price of the knive set. After considering everything a decision can be made about purchasing the best knives.