Restaurants are often not offering home delivery

Though some restaurants are advertising home delivery, when customers contact them they are not offering the service due to shortage of staff.
So families especially senior citizens cannot rely on restaurants for food and have to make alternate arrangements
This highlights the demand for ready to eat food , food which can be easily cooked without much effort
Most of the local retailers are not stocking ready to eat food, it is often only available online.
The cost of the ready to eat food is often less than the cost of the food ordered from the restaurant

Fish restaurant in Mumbai shuts down

Whenever she was in Mumbai, the domain investor was visiting a fish restaurant which was offering quality food, with fried fish and other food at a reasonable price.
However in April 2019, she observed that the restaurant was closed, and an ice cream parlour had taken its place.
One of the reasons why it closed, was because it was in a mainly residential area.
Most of the homes have housewives, who purchase fresh fish from the fish vendors and cook the fish.
So it had less customers, and they may be asked to pay more money as bribes or hafta.
Hence those running the restaurant may have decided to shut it down.